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Wendel is Here!

Wendel the Wind Turbine has been published! I hope that you will take a look at the summary and illustrations, and consider ordering your copy. Thank you for your support! It has been a rewarding journey. More to come here on the blog. Suzy 


  Early on in our lives we encounter challenges. Whether misunderstood at school, whether we fail at a task, suffer an illness or injury, our immediate reality is stunned. With the help of our parents, guardians or loved ones, we are protected while developing ways to cope and to fight the challenge. In the old


Welcome! My first published children’s book is Wendel The Wind Turbine (WTWT) and you will see some of the original illustrations throughout this website. I will let you know about the illustrator, Marie Wiedefeld in another post and perhaps interview her! First, I wanted to talk about one of the core, underlying themes in WTWT:

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